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Energy Solutions
Energy Efficient Lighting

The True Cost of Light-- Many people think that the cost of light mean simply the purchase price of the lamps. In reality, the lamp purchase represents only a small fraction of the overall cost of light. Power usage is by far the biggest expense. Upgrading lighting with energy efficient lamps can save thousands of dollars each year in electricity costs alone.

Quantity of Light--Many upgrade lamp types offer more light than the bulb they are replacing. Higher light levels from fewer fixtures equal a good deal for you.

Quality of Light--Well-lighted space is critical to productivity and sales. Many upgrade lamps maintain 90% or more of their initial light over their life span, keeping facilities bright and attractive.

Long Life--Burned out bulbs are unsightly. Replacing them is expensive and disruptive. Upgraded lamps offer a longer life than standard lamps. Most present day lamps and ballast will no longer be manufactured after July 2010.

Light Color--The higher a lamp's Color Rendering Index (CRI), the truer and more natural colors will appear. Things look their natural best under higher CRI. Better color rendering can help sales in a retail store and improve accuracy and efficiency in office and industrial ituations. A productive new look for your facilities, plus energy savings, is a powerful incentive for you to renovate.

Return on Investment--The right lamp replacement can deliver a 50% return on investment with a payback in two years or less. *Compared to a 10-year treasury note or a 6-month CD, that's a significant return.*Figures based on actual case, your result may vary.

Guarantee--Two year guarantee on materials and workmanship. A limited four year guarantee on ballast.

Recycling Old Lamps--Fluorescent and HID lamps are classified as hazardous waste due to their mercury content and are thus regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). In Illinois, the newly amended Universal Waste Rule encourages recycling or proper disposal of waste lamps. All lamps are recycled with Government Certified Resource Recovery Companies.

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