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Southern Lights, LLC mission is to redevelop and convert obsolete electrical systems and lighting into energy efficient, cost saving systems that provide peace of mind, save money, and help keep our planet green!"

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About us
History of Southern Lights, LLC

Steven Johnson Steven Johnson owner of Southern Lights gained experience in energy servicing from his twenty two years as an industrial electrician for a large manufacturer. Working under a facilities engineer Steven was given the task of up grading the lighting for a facility with twenty eight acres under one roof. Lighting cost for this manufacturer was an expensive necessity. Through research, talking with numerous lighting vendors, and overseeing the task of retro fitting the plant with all new energy efficient lighting, Steven saved the manufacturer thousands of dollars.

Steven's interest in lighting began when he noticed how his eye sight was changing with age and in order for him to see better he was needing more and brighter lighting. With the age of the baby boomers increasing and their eye sight failing Steve felt now was the time to pursue his dream of helping people, see better, save money, and use less energy.

A conservation minded individual Steven knew that most of the energy in lighting was being used up in heat produced by incandescent lights. Therefore, he was one of the first to replace the incandescent lighting in his home with fluorescent lighting. Always an advocate of energy savings Steven welcomed the new wave of lighting innovations and has become an expert in energy efficient lighting and green light technology.


  • Licsened Electrician
  • Education:
    • Associate Degree in Electronics and Bachelor's of Science, College of Applied Science and Arts in the School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies from Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • LC Certified
  • 30 years experience in the electrical field

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