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DayStar Natural Lighting System-- Fill your space with brilliant, non-electric light. DayStar Natural Lighting System is a skylight using a technologically designed parabolic dome for gathering natural light, the Daystar Lighting system directs sunlight down through an ultra reflective shaft to a specially developed lens, which diffuses highly concentrated light into a full, broad lighting pattern. In fact, the spread of light and overall illumination matches or exceeds conventional electric lighting products, even on cloudy days.

daystarHow the DayStar System Works

1. Roof Dome--Gathering and reflecting the sun's light into the light shaft the roof dome is a clear non-fogging material.

2. Roof Curb--Insulted roof curbs are made of galvanized steel with continuously welded watertight seams. We can match most any roof pitch and metal rib design. For shingle roofs, use our wood curb and flashing kit.

3. Light Shaft--Natural light intensifies the colors of your surroundings, making everything you see more vivid. Our light shaft is designed to maximize daylight to your space, using an insulted sandwich panel with a highly reflective interior.

4. Ceiling Lens--Extra deep pan design allows light to spread sideways and reflect down from the ceiling.

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