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Alternative Energy Systems

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Alternative Energy Solutions

Solar System-- Thinking about adding a solar system to aid in your energy conserving methods? Southern Lights, LLC designs and supplies solar electric systems for business and residential applications. We are committed to promoting a world powered by sustainable energy.

Whether you are looking for an off the grid, self sufficient system or a grid tide system Southern Lights offers both. A complete stand alone system offers off the grid capacity with battery backup during the hours of darkness when energy is not being produced. A grid tide system allows one to be off the grid through the daylight hours and then back on the grid at night. This system elimates having battery backups.

We are a certifified delaer and installer of DC Power Systems, a full service distributor of renewable energy solutions. Southern Lights works with you to design the right system to meet your needs and finances.

Generator as an emergency back-up-- On May 8, 2009 Southern Illinois was hit by a derecho, a huge storm that destroyed homes, knocked down trees and left the area without electricity for weeks. Due to the derecho people realized that they needed an emergency back-up and generators became the answer. Generators are farely economical and are a great way to protection you and your family against future power outages.

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